Glaucoma in Asian Populations

East Asians experience the highest rate of blindness in the world from one of the two most common types of glaucoma. Primary angle closure glaucoma (PACG) is a major cause of world blindness today, and it is expected to become an even more serious problem as the world population and longevity increases.

Article here.

Glaucoma is not curable.  But early detection and treatment can slow the progression of the disease. Here are the recommended guidelines for glaucoma tests:

  • before age 40, every two to four years
  • from age 40 to age 54, every one to three years
  • from age 55 to 64, every one to two years
  • after age 65, every six to 12 months

So friends, go get your eyes checked if you haven’t done it recently. If you are high-risk you should have eye exams more frequently than the recommended guidelines, and start at an earlier age. Among the various risk factors include traumatic blood loss, diabetes, migraines, nearsightedness, farsightedness, Asian ancestry, African American ancestry, hypertension, steroid use (this includes inhalers) and eye injury (including black eyes).

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4 thoughts on “Glaucoma in Asian Populations

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  2. Thank you for highlighting this. It is astounding how little we do to maintain eye health because we don’t know enough about risk factors and prevention strategies for certain eye conditions in different populations. Thank you thank you thank you!

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