Humanitarian parole

Humanitarian parole requests granted to Haitian residents between 2002-2007:  16

Percentage of denied Haitian humanitarian parole requests 2002-2007:  92 percent

Overall denial of humanitarian parole requests, all countries 2002-2007:  76 percent

Humanitarian parole granted to “orphans” from Haiti as of 04/01/2010:  “Over 800”

Humanitarian parole granted to Haitians in 2010 for medical reasons as of 01/30/2010:  34*  According to Columbia Law School’s Human Rights Clinic, these were all for “orphans”

“Orphans” granted IR-3 or IR-4 visas as of 04/01/2010:  45

It is important to note that government websites also contain information on the path to citizenship for children who arrived on humanitarian parole, in direct contradiction to the stated purpose of said parole.

*Have not yet found more current numbers.


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