Lurker Wednesday

What of those people who lurk?
Are they sitting in their chairs with a smirk?
Or is it a smile?
Every once in a while?
Or are they all just berserk?


19 thoughts on “Lurker Wednesday

  1. Well Laura Koenig, thank you for sharing
    All about how you are faring.
    It’s great you have the guts
    To admit you feel nuts
    And berserk is better than despairing.

  2. Liz joins us via RSS feed
    Which seems to be meeting her need
    But when you just lurk
    You miss the obvious perk
    Of commenting on what you might read.

  3. Every once in a while, passing through!
    At least 30 posts a day
    through which to wind my way,
    Not because I ignore you ;_;

  4. Every once in a while, passing through?
    I wonder what it is we should do
    To make jha stay for a while
    Perhaps we must beguile
    So we don’t have to wish her adieu.

  5. A lurker I be
    Because I don’t always agree
    I’ll gladly admit there are days I learn a thing or two (or three!)
    Others I want to hurl things at you
    So I continue anonymously
    Caucasian adoptive parent

  6. Typically most white adoptive parents would flee
    After an encounter with someone like me
    Or sometimes they fight
    Rather than acknowledge I’m right
    Unlike the silent Julie.

  7. I’m not berserk!
    Just bored at work!
    Just taking a look, please
    don’t mind my lurking
    I’m here for the cookies
    to eat while I’m working!

  8. Oh, regular poster J-S-seven-eighteen
    Isn’t a lurker since he’s often been seen
    Posting his thought
    Which doesn’t go for naught
    Because we enjoy what he writes on the screen.

  9. This is going to have to count as free verse–
    compared to yours, my poetry is worse.

    white daughter of white savior mother
    sister to four who were adopted

    here to listen,
    not to speak

  10. EllenVan doesn’t seem to know it
    But she has the soul of a poet.
    It’s a shame she doesn’t speak
    Because then we don’t get a peek
    At her brain because she will not show it.

  11. .elise.anne. wants posts in haiku form
    Although that isn’t the norm
    Maybe she’s just sick
    Of the bad limerick
    And wants to have poetry reform.

  12. Because I’m an infrequent lurkee
    I’m late to the poetry partee
    and further my meter could improve a wee.

    Gosh, I’m just much better at limericks.

    A white girl who lives in Taipei
    does not come to read every day
    but when visit she does
    it creates such a buzz
    in her brain, that she learns quickelay!

    Errr, yeah.

    Anyways, in pure plain prose this site is awesome.
    It’s like french cuisine. The plate looks sparse, but the flavor/texture/experience is so intense that you’re totally satisfied.

  13. I’ve gladly been mute ’til this day
    Lest my whiteness I crassly display
    But you’ve opened my mind
    And I start to find
    There are things that I may like to say

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