R.I.P. Faith Dremmer

She was killed on a bicycle trip when an elderly man crossed the center line and struck her and two of her friends. Faith was seventeen years old and was going to graduate from high school this year.  She was adopted from China.

Story here.


8 thoughts on “R.I.P. Faith Dremmer

  1. The guy drifts out of his lane and strikes three cyclists, killing one, and isn’t even being charged? Possibly just for traffic citations? wow, that is outrageous

  2. I am always completely horrified when I meet elderly patients of mine (medical social worker) who say they still drive. These are patients that have dementia, brain issues due to strokes, etc.

    I am beyond confused as to why this man is not being charged for manslaughter at least.

  3. Yeah, one of my older relatives had her car keys taken away by her kids. When I was over visiting, she confided that she had kept a set they didn’t know about. I didn’t want to argue with her so on the way out I stopped in the garage and pulled the wire off her battery. When she called and said her car wouldn’t start, I offered to drive her wherever she was going.

    I didn’t want to get in it with her kids, either. But this worked out well.

    Police said they think the driver of the car fell asleep.

  4. you know this has had me thinking, my mind jumps around so bare with me… I don’t know if it applies to this situation, but I just know some people out there are thinking something along the lines of, “he’s not being charged because it wouldn’t do any good. He’s old and probably doesn’t have long to live, and living with the remorse of his actions is punishment enough.”
    I’m also going to assume this is only the case if the driver is white.

    I remember last year a van in chinatown was left in neutral, rolled down the street and killed some young children. It was a tragic accident but I believe the driver was charged. Also the racist comments about Asian drivers that ensured were too many to count…

    I don’t even know if I have a point here, just ranting, sorry

  5. My thought is that you’re pointing out the incredible disparity in charges/sentencing. And I agree. I’ve seen DUIs where drivers killed somebody but walked.

    If anything he should be charged so that it’s part of his driving record. And maybe it would be a consideration when his license is up for renewal.

  6. I appreciate reading these comments. I am also upset the citation was for
    “improper lane usage” from what I read in the paper. We all know this was not the case. How can they write ticket for something this accident clearly was not ?

  7. This is not about race. An african american driver would have been given the same treatment if the same thing happened.

    Faith was nearly a daughter to my mothers boyfriend, so out of respect please do not make this a race arguement. And who cares if my spelling is off.

  8. There’s a lot of research readily available for those who seek it out: traffic stops, disparate sentencing, judicial and police discretion.

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