Not sure what to say

About this LA Times article: Years of racial slurs ‘scarred’ Japanese American gunman charged in teacher’s slaying, attorney says.

A lawyer representing a Westlake Village man who was charged Tuesday in the fatal shooting of a Pasadena art college instructor said his client had become upset after hearing his wife subjected to “a racial and sexual slur.”

Dmitry Gorin, whose law firm is representing Steven Ronald Honma — arrested Sunday in connection with the weekend slaying at a Persian new year’s party — said the 54-year-old engineer had been traumatized from years of insults targeting his Japanese heritage. “This is a textbook heat-of-passion incident, which a jury would consider in deciding whether Mr. Honma is guilty of murder or a lower-level homicide such as a manslaughter,” Gorin said. “While the sequence of events are still under investigation, there was someone at the party who made a derogatory racial and sexual slur about his wife. As a Japanese American growing up after World War II, Mr. Honma had experienced great trauma as a victim of racial bias, and that experience scarred him since childhood.”


4 thoughts on “Not sure what to say

  1. Hmm.. I’ not really sure what to say either, a lot of things running through my head. While I don’t condone the murder, lashing out, even violently in response to racist remarks is something I can sympathize with. I mean I understand that in these type of situations where you’re faced with racial slurs and being unable to articulate or control your anger it’s easy to lose control.

    Accepting the “scarred” defense would at least be acknowledging that racism exists and affects those targeted. But I’m worried that it’s going to play out more like a “he’s just crazy” defense.

  2. Hmm… you should know what to say. This was a mentally unstable person who “flipped,” and killed someone. Racial remarks were blamed, but he could have easily “flipped” and killed someone during rush hour for cutting him off. He was obviously at the breaking point ( especially since he had knives and a gun in his car)

    If every Asian, Black, Latin, etc, person killed a white person everytime they heard or perceived a slur we’d have a bloodbath. You can confront bigots head on and expose their ignorance without violence and murder.

    Been a fan of your site for sometime. Thanks for keeping us informed!!

  3. We could speculate all we want, but I don’t think someone’s reaction to racial remarks would equate to road rage. I think the racial remark is key here, to say it could have been anything and he was just crazy ignores the reason all of this happened.

    “If every Asian, Black, Latin, etc, person killed a white person everytime they heard or perceived a slur we’d have a bloodbath.”
    this statement to me implies a lot of white people are racist, or possibly because you used “perceive” that POC are overly sensitive. How many POC have been murdered by whites because of their race?

  4. If every Asian, Black, Latin, etc, person killed a white person everytime they heard or perceived a slur we’d have a bloodbath.

    I strongly disagree with the violence as well, but that scenario you painted is unlikely to happen. The tactic you’ve just used is commonly employed by white people through a discourse of fear that they are going to be killed by POC anytime and anywhere. It’s effective, though, as the media constantly uses it. Not to say that this victim deserved to die – HE DIDN’T – but this will probably be held as another case of “crazy POC against white people for no good reason” incident whereas the violence of racism against POC continues to remain invisible, very real, and unreported.

    You could have easily re-worded this statement and it would make much more sense and reveal the TRUE agenda of the statement:

    If every Asian, Black, Latin, etc, person CONFRONTED a white person everytime they heard or perceived a slur we’d have a BIG PROBLEM.

    See, just a few word changes already reveals that the “actual” problem isn’t racism by white people – it’s POC confronting their right to not be marginalized! Yup, “THAT’s” the big problem! And well, that’s illogically twisting it around. The real issue is that white people shouldn’t be practicing racism in the first place – the fact that POC are confronting them is not the problem. The POC movement are striving for equality, not elimination. White supremacist groups, on the other hand…

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