More teachers behaving badly

And maybe a partial explanation of why college students don’t understand that the “Compton Cookout” and the noose and the hood were wrong:  Teacher hangs Obama in effigy.


2 thoughts on “More teachers behaving badly

  1. hmm, not to defend this guy because his actions were clearly in poor taste, especially the decision to make the doll hanging. However I’m wondering if this sort of protest against the president is any different from teachers who protested Bush or previous administrations. I can’t speak for this man’s motives besides being upset about teachers losing their jobs. The choice to hang the doll makes me think of some ingrained, institutional racism. Just thinking out loud here…

  2. btw I understand the doll was hanging by its feet, but regardless of how it was hung, it was hung. I think this visual speaks more than just a simple statement about teachers being fired.

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