Now that’s hospitality!

Tennessee Hospitality Association CEO Walt Baker sent out an e-mail about meeting Tarzan at the store to a select group of friends and business associates.  He noted, “I don’t care who you are, this is funny!”  The e-mail included the following line:

I asked about Cheeta, he beamed and said she was doing good, had married a Lawyer and now lived in the White House!!!

He included a photograph of a chimpanzee and Mrs. Obama side-by-side.

Baker later wrote an “apology” that the e-mail was not intended to be malicious or hurtful in any way.  He also wrote that he was “saddened” that anyone “misinterpreted” his e-mail.  In interviews, he says that he does not consider himself to be bigoted, racially insensitive or racist.  And a friend was called in to vouch that there “isn’t a racist bone in his body” (just like the Towson adjunct).

On behalf of those of us who have reclaimed Our Country™, I wish to welcome Walt Baker.  Next time, if you don’t want to be considered bigoted, racially insensitive or racist, don’t do bigoted, racially insensitive or racist things. It’s that simple.


8 thoughts on “Now that’s hospitality!

  1. His racism is so engrained he doesn’t even notice it until it’s pointed out to him and then he denies it. Sweet.

  2. Wow, that’s disgusting. I just can’t even process how he doesn’t understand how awful he is.

  3. “Misinterpreting” happens to me all the time. I’m so dumb, I really need to start interpreting things better. It’s me, not you.

  4. Wow. Good job Walt. Racist and sexist to boot (married a lawyer? fah! how about *is* an accomplished lawyer in her own right, you jackass).

    Why do people like this always feel the need to universalize their creepy form of “humor.” As a white guy, I didn’t even think for a second that it was funny.

  5. WTF. My jaw literally dropped when I read who was in the photograph. How about this: I don’t care who you are, racism is NOT funny!

    As a WoC, I’ve been subject enough to “jokes” about my ethnicity by white people who believe that telling “racial jokes/slurs/comments/WHATEVER” is a “humourous” way of handling THEIR INTOLERANCE of people of colour.

  6. Walt Baker is just another good old boy the the deep south who was brought up to believe this sort of garbage. I am not surprised.

  7. In addition to being completely racist, that’s not even a little bit funny. It’s just stupid. Did he later apologize for being stupid?

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