More happy news

Because I’m a happy sort.  :)

This is Joseph Lee, a Northwestern graduate who joined Teach for America.  He’s both realistic and optimistic and teaches at Parkside Community Academy in Chicago.


3 thoughts on “More happy news

  1. zedster, you’re not the only one. :P I was like, “Mmm, cute guy!” And then when I read what he was doing, I was really impressed. :)

  2. My little sister is doing this exact same thing. A tiny Chinese girl who went to University of Michigan, now teaching at one of the worst urban schools on the South Side of Chicago for Teach for America…. Why isn’t there an article about her?

    We grew up in one of the worst parts of Detroit where our parents ran a Chinese restaurant that faced constant robberies and violence from the surrounding African-American community, so she wanted to make a difference in such communities as a teacher in a similar harsh urban environment to the one we grew up in to make a difference. To make sure that young minds don’t get poisoned with racism and prejudice.

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