Probably they went to UCSD

The quick summary:  L.A. elementary school.  Black History Month celebration.  (I know, you all already said, “Uh oh.”)  Parade.  Children representing African American role models.  Three white teachers choose O.J. Simpson, Dennis Rodman and RuPaul.

No, I couldn’t make this up.

I actually like RuPaul, from the little I know about him.  The only thing I know about Dennis Rodman is that he used to play basketball.  But O.J. Simpson is a dog whistle.


6 thoughts on “Probably they went to UCSD

  1. The most infuriating part is this at the end: “Wadsworth serves a largely black and Latino group of children in grades K-6; it has generally low test scores.” What on earth is the test score info supposed to do with anything?

    As for not being able to know what the teachers were thinking, puh lease. They were thinking what a pain in the butt it is they “have to do stupid black history month stuff,” and they decided to take it out on little children.

    I understand teaching is a thankless task (I adjunct!), but these people are doing additional psychic damage to young kids who already know their “worth” to society. It’s not forgivable, let alone funny. A few days off without pay (which are called, when I get them, a “vacation”) is simply more evidence of how lightly this kind of thing is treated in “post racial America.”

  2. I’m having a hard time seeing what’s wrong with picking RuPaul. He’s done a lot to combat stigmas about transvestites and he’s a great LGBT activist.

  3. Really?

    Matt, there’s nothing wrong with RuPaul. However, to the mindset we’re talking about here, he is a circus freak, and his image was chosen to make African American children feel ashamed of themselves. Look, how are other elementary school children going to react to the kid wearing the RuPaul image? “That guy is so cool?” No: derisive laughter, almost certainly encouraged by these “teachers.” Do you really think his activism was even mentioned?

    If the other two figures are OJ and Rodman (also known for his unconventional appearance), it’s pretty freaking obvious what the intended and received message about RuPaul is supposed to be. The equivalent would be to have Scott Peterson, Babe Ruth and Divine represent all whiteness. Except that there is no equivalent–I truly can’t think of anything that would be as hurtful for white children on the basis of their whiteness, because whiteness is “best.”*

    These things don’t happen in a cultural vacuum FFS.

    *As is masculinity, because according to this “black history presentation,” black women don’t exist and one third of black men are apparently “freaky cross dressers.”

  4. Two-thirds are freaky cross-dressers, since I suspect the teachers who made that choice would also put Rodman in that category.


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