‘A [redacted] on a corporate plantation’

Yes, that’s really what a Towson adjunct professor said.  He was referring to himself.  Just so you know, he has a good reason for using the term:

Zaruba, who is white, told The Sun that his black stepfather used racial terms freely, and that, “I never quite got the horror of the word.”

Black stepfather? Not quite as good as a black friend, but close.

But wait!  There’s more!

But there is “a deep fear” of the word he used, he said, even though it is often used freely by students and is heard on the airwaves.

“Why do we turn a word into such a bomb?” he said. “We’re being run by fear.

“Fear is smoke and mirrors. It was justifiable at one time in our history, but we don’t have slaves anymore. America is moving in a very positive direction.”

When fear dominates and words prompt witch hunting, “I have to ask myself, ‘what is happening to our educational system?’ ” he said.

What is happening to our educational system? Why, stupid people are allowed to teach.

So here we have a professor who quickly brings out the black friend defense.  His black stepfather uses racial terms freely, apparently.  And so do other people.  Despite this, there is a “deep fear” of the word.  But he is talking here about fear of using the word, not the fear of its effect.  Basically this is one of those “overly politically correct” arguments.

Now that slavery is over we don’t have anything to worry about.  (He forgot to mention that we have a black president.)

And obviously this poor guy was the victim of a witch hunt.  Just like all those people at the University of California at San Diego.  They were just doing things that everybody else does.

I think other than the general, regular, obvious stupidity, the most offensive part of the statement is that he trivializes the history of racism and slavery.  Being a white adjunct professor is nothing like being an enslaved human being.  Not now, and not in the post-racial society.  Whenever that might be.

But Zaruba didn’t say he was like a slave on a corporate plantation.  Despite the fact that he said he “never quite got the horror of the word,” he used the n-word.

To his credit he isn’t contesting being fired.  Not that he would have much recourse.  But he still sounds like he really just doesn’t get it.  And that is a definite failure of our educational system.

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