Gwen Migita and Cuc Vu obtaining their marriage license in D.C.  Fall wedding planned.


3 thoughts on “Congratulations

  1. I hope DC going ahead with this is going to has some good effect. What a lovely photo.

    Meanwhile, in Canada, the Conservatives recently expunged all references to same-sex marriage from the Canadian Citizenship guide. The references had been written in to the updated Guide to reflect the 2005 decision in favour of gay marriage and an earlier draft included them. New immigrants must study the guide for their citizenship test.

  2. And shame on Catholic Charities for terminating their contract with DC for the services they provide for foster kids because of the passing of the same-sex marriage bill. Not charitable at all.

  3. Hey Melanie, not only that but as of March 2, they terminated spousal benefits for any new hires or current hires who may marry. Because it’s about being “true to the tenets of Christianity.”

    Gotta wonder if divorced and then remarried employees’ spouses receive benefits.

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