Too stupid to exist, part III

Part I

Part II

Part III: A teacher at UCSD gives his opinion:

It seems to me that while it’s clear that this is quite potentially offensive, the language that was used, just responding to some of the things that were said already on the program, the language that was read is not something that these students wrote. They just copied and pasted it from a popular website called Urban Dictionary… which, you know, the definition’s there of terms like ghetto chick, go ahead and look it up yourself. A lot of these definitions on the Urban Dictionary are over the top and designed to be, you know, sort of offensive, shock humor, and I think that, you know, clearly they’re appropriating cultural stereotypes that are portrayed in the mass media, on MTV and comedy shows in the past 20 years and, you know, they’re doing it in a spirit of, you know, albeit misguided but in a spirit of fun. It was a party, in fact, not a protest of Black History Month. I think it was a mistake. We should view it in that light. And rather than sort of accusing them of racism and sexism and hate, I mean, hate is clearly the wrong word, I can’t imagine –

Got that? They didn’t write original racism, they copied and pasted it!  As such, it doesn’t count. Also, it was just in a “spirit of fun.” Which just proves my point that racism is often considered “fun” for white people. Even when it’s about the suicide of Asian Americans.  How can you accuse them of racism and sexism and hate?

So what should we do about it?  Why, we should slap offenders with a wet noodle! 

Well, I do think we should say, look, this was inappropriate. You know, it was insensitive, offensive, and, you know, we basically – And I don’t think we need to use words like condemnation and hate and racism. I think we need to say that this offended people and it was inappropriate and, you know, we basically condemn the choice of, you know, you know, the appropriation of these inoffens – these offensive stereotypes…

Oops, just a little slip there.   I meant “offensive”!

So who is this person?  If he gave his correct first name,  maybe it’s Dana Dahlstrom from the CS department.  He said he “teaches” there, not that he is a professor.  Thank goodness.

5 thoughts on “Too stupid to exist, part III

  1. Ummm. I totally agree. I mean, with you, not him. I guess this comment didn’t even need to be made because who with a brain would not agree with you. So how did someone without a brain get to be a professor.

  2. Hi I just stumbled upon your website. You are very passionate and well-spoken. It’s a great thing when someone can express him/herself so clearly. I know it’s sad to think, but a lot of white people just don’t know any better. And there’s idiots of all kinds to be sure, myself included. Just keep a wise head on your shoulder and enjoy your life. The days are counting down. <3

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  4. “And I don’t think we need to use words like condemnation and hate and racism.”

    It’s interesting to me that a lot of whites who say non-whites are “too sensitive” when they are victimized by racism seem awfully sensitive about having their acts called racist.

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