Noose found at Geisel Library

Source.  But there’s no racism at UCSD.

Edited to add:  A female student admitted to hanging the noose and has been suspended.  The University is not releasing her name or the name of the people who assisted her.


9 thoughts on “Noose found at Geisel Library

  1. This seems like a well-thought-out campaign to intimidate Black students into leaving UCSD. And I can’t say I blame any that leave. I’m fairly certain that I would, unless I was graduating this semester. Even then, I’d be thinking about taking some time off.

    Seeing the actual picture of the noose brought up feelings that I can’t really describe. At my last job, there were a couple occasions of nooses being found in different workspaces, but since I never actually saw them, my response wasn’t quite as strong.

    This is a violent act and should be treated as such. The threat of more to come is a signal to me that physical violence is the next step. It doesn’t seem as though the administration is doing anything to stop the escalation, so getting out of there seems the only thing to do.

  2. I felt like crying. And in the middle I said to myself, “One good thing can come out of this. People who were dense and on privilege OD can see the serious harm this can cause”. So I went over to the “Outraged about outrage…” group to post the link, but naturally being UCSD students they already knew. Their theory? Most likely some BSU-er did it so ppl would think “their complaints had merit”. Others said maybe some white student did do it, and in that case their big mistake was “giving those whiners more ammo”. I hate days like today.

  3. the university needs to release their names, by hiding their names they are protecting the perpetrators from social and financial consequences

  4. Don’t get me wrong, resistance, I believe that they are full of it, but that’s likely the rationale here. And I agree that this isn’t necessarily considered violent by many of the people at the school, when it obviously should be.

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