In  a previous post, I noted that diverse legislators expressed their concern about the “Compton Cookout.” They included members from the Latino, Asian Pacific Islander, gay and women’s caucuses.  Hopefully because we know we’re all in this together.   If you watch the protest videos, you’ll note that there appear to be a few East and South Asians and one white guy in the crowd.

Here are a few more reasons to have some hope:

Dr. Jody Blanco addressing the Filipino community and friends:

They are our kababayan, whether they know it or not. In the past, African-Americans have historically fought for our rights to self-determination, both in the Philippines and in the United States. Whether we, or our parents, know it or not, we owe a great debt to them: both directly and indirectly, through the ways we have benefited from their pioneering struggles and sufferings. It is time to begin repaying that debt.

The Department of Ethnic Studies:

As faculty and graduate students in the Ethnic Studies Department at UC-San Diego, we unequivocally condemn the February 15th off-campus party, dubbed the “Compton Cookout,” as an example of racist, classist and misogynist stereotyping that degrades Black people through disparaging representations of so-called “African American culture.” Like similar events thrown on college and university campuses across the United States, this “theme party” in one quick, broad stroke reduced the complex lived experience of a heterogeneous racialized community to a caricatured depiction of cultural deviancy. All the more troubling, this particular themed party was intentionally organized to mock ongoing celebrations of African American History month in the U.S. and specifically here at UC San Diego.

The Japanese American Citizens League:

The JACL is outraged by the shocking lack of judgment and racial insensitivity displayed by the students who organized and participated in this event. Whatever the intent of the hosts, racially themed parties serve only to perpetuate derogatory and demeaning stereotypes while alienating students of color.

It is appalling to find that a group of students participated in what can only be described as a pattern of racist behavior in the planning and coordination of this event.


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