The black guy

A Michigan postal employee reported that she had been robbed and described the guy as “big” and “black or Mexican.”  According to Amy Fox, he also made her take her shirt off.

Only it was a lie.

Nearby schools were put on lockdown.  And Abel Cooper was identified as a suspect.  He once worked with Fox’s husband.

Nobody told Cooper when an audit disclosed that someone had been embezzling from the post office.  And nobody told him when Fox confessed.

Ten bucks says you can you can guess Amy Fox’s race.  Another ten bucks if you notice the dearth of news coverage.

Edited to add:  She also said he had an accent and that he had “FUBU” on his sweater.

4 thoughts on “The black guy

  1. same *ish – different day.

    and down here, Susan Smith was trying to get outta jail cuz she said she just remembered they didn’t Mirandize her.

    I guess I’m not supposed to be surprised that she’s not charged with anything else – like making a false report or implicating an innocent man (if there is such a charge).

    The line that got me was the last one: “Cooper now fears innocent people are behind bars based on one person’s lies. ”

    Cuz that’s the truth.

  2. Abel Cooper will probably have PTSD from being put through this ordeal all because little miss greedy hands wanted to steal from her employer.

    Why are white women so awful sometimes? They think they can just accuse a person of color and get away with it? Oh, yeah…I guess a lot of times they do.

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