Four of six

The University of Alabama at Huntsville:  Gopi Podila, Adriel Johnson and Maria Ragland Davis were killed, Luis Cruz-Vera and Joseph Leahy were wounded.

Stephanie Monticciolo, the department assistant, was not pictured; she was also wounded.  She appears to be white.  The university lists fourteen faculty members in its biology department.  There is only one additional person of color, and he was present at the time of the shooting.

I was going to write a long post about privilege and entitlement and how maybe the shooter’s mental instability might have been noticed if she were not a white Harvard-educated Ph.D.  About how assumed privilege furthers the anger, resentment and rage of white people when they don’t find everything going the way they were raised to believe it should.  And how so often people of color are targeted as a result.

But frankly I just don’t have the energy.


4 thoughts on “Four of six

  1. You don’t have the energy? May I sub?

    a) If she were black the media would be discussing how her act reflects the pathology in the black community and blaming rap music.

    b) If she were Middle Eastern everyone would be discussing how she’s an Islamist terrorist.

    c) But since she’s white, no one’s going to hold her whole race accountable or assume her to be Christian/Jewish or blame her actions on Christianity or Judaism – even though there are Christian and Jewish extremists. They’re also not going to blame the violence in Bruce Willis films, country music, or the Sopranos.

    d) When you’re a minority and you ride in the car with someone and they shoot somebody, you get sent to prison for decades – only white people can kill their brothers, steal a getaway car and end up at Harvard.

    e) And only white people can kill their brothers and get suspected of sending a bomb to a professor’s house and not get in trouble.

    f) And only white people can kill their brothers, steal a car, and be suspected of sending a bomb to someone and be college professors – and as much as white people like to talk about the alleged “stop snitching” culture among blacks, a whole lot of people kept mum about Amy’s mis-deeds. And that sounds a bit pathological to me…

    g) Her students had complained about what an incompetent/disturbed teacher she was – if she were a minority the media would be saying those complaints were ignored due to political correctness.

    h) If she were a minority the media would be saying that the only way such an unstable/incompetent teacher got her job was through affirmative action – although the primary beneficiaries of affirmative action are white women.

    i) If a minority person points out how her race is not being discussed in the media or the role race played in all this they’re going to be told they’re investing race where it doesn’t belong – even though white people discuss the individual actions of non-whites as reflecting the actions of whole races/religions and insist that if they cannot do so they are being constrained by political correctness. If a minority person sees race in this issue they’re going to be told they’re hallucinating because if white people don’t see it it must not be there.

  2. A line from an article in the Washington Post:

    “According to one report, one of the victims was a professor who supported her tenure bid.”

    Mind you, the title of the article was:

    “Alabama shooting puts spotlight on tenure process”

    Because, clearly, the process is flawed…

    The article ends:

    “The school has not disclosed why she was denied tenure. ”

    So, the issue here isn’t about privilege or entitlement, it’s about a flawed system that pushed a credentialed, prize winning candidate to murder. She was so justified in her actions, she didn’t even try to run–she peacefully and passively submitted to arrest. And that’s why it’s time to fix the system. Instead of mourning the senseless deaths of people who were just doing their jobs. Particularly the one person that, despite the mental issues this woman was dealing with, supported her tenure bid. How bitterly ironic would it have been if she knew that person supported her bid and she shot him/her anyway? But exploring any piece of that question would lead us too far from the agenda of fixing a flawed system.

  3. Lets consider an alternative view:
    1. She receives little press coverages because she is female and a far left winger. Both groups the media generally protects.
    2. She got out of killer her brother due to the old progressive rich family network (her moma called in a favor). The very same thing that got Ted Kennedy off.
    3. She would be front page news if she was Palin fan or a NRA member. It’s all about bashing the other side. Joe Stack = huge news. Lefty nut? Bleh, nothing to see, move along.
    4. Why the fuck don’t we lock up mental cases? Most of the homeless I run into are insane and should in the crazy house with this broad.

  4. Not really Red – the guy who flew into the IRS building was for lower taxes – a pretty right wing cause, and he didn’t get much press why? Oh yeah, being white. She didn’t get out of killing her brother because her family was progressive — she got out of it because her mom had ties to the police department – and which race is more likely to have clout with the police department? Again, whites.

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