Too Asian?

Does that mean you won’t get into college?


4 thoughts on “Too Asian?

  1. Check out the comments. Just classic derailing, but there was something I found fascinating. About every third person said Asians succeeded academically because they don’t “whine” like those “other minorities”, but not a single one questioned why it is they are STILL have problems with admissions. There was the usual missive about “creating problems”, “color blindness”, even a suggestion that Asians start their own colleges, you know, like HBCUs but HACUs. All of that rather than deal with the issue. To me that is the crux of white privilege. We can jump through every hoop, pass every test, and at the end of the day it will never be enough.

  2. You may be interested to know when affirmative action was repealed in California the percentage of whites getting into colleges did not change. The percentage of black and Hispanics went down and Asians went through the roof. The only people keeping Asians out of schools are the good progressive people.

    Switch to a non affirmative action system and I think you would see about the same everywhere.

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