Become a marrow/stem cell donor

Be the one to save a life.

Asian Americans are represented in greater numbers in the National Marrow Donor Program than the overall population percentage.   However, because the numbers are quite small, people of Asian descent have a very low probability of getting a match.

This is eight-year-old Natalie Nakatani.  I believe she is of Japanese and Chinese descent.  I put her cute picture up so that you could see the face of the person you might help by being a donor.


4 thoughts on “Become a marrow/stem cell donor

  1. Resistance as usual is right – go forth and be part of the match.

    But – one important exception to above.

    Americans of Korean descent, specifically including adopted persons, are welcome to the resources of the Korean donor banks. However this must be coordinated through the US agency NMDP (National Marrow Donor Program) and I have heard of a couple of people whose doctors did not make the specific request.

    Any Korean without a blood relative match has a 50% chance of a perfect match, 80% chance of a match good enough to proceed with a marrow transplant, from the Korean marrow donor banks. Also-Known-As has all the original emails about this – the information was obtained from Korean physicians involved in their donor program.

  2. The National Marrow Donor Program also has a cooperative agreement with the Chinese Marrow Donor Program, which was approved a couple of years ago. NMDP also coordinates with a bunch of other countries.

    Also, I read somewhere that about 40 percent of the cases the NMDP handles are either U.S. donors receiving international donations or the other way around.

  3. Thank you for highlighting Natalie’s case. Only 3 in 10 people who need a marrow match find one, so getting more people, especially ethnic minorities, in the registry is tremendously important. You can order a home test kit from here, and read more about Natalie at

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