So you might have seen this twitter picture that’s making the rounds.  It is of an NBC cafeteria menu “in honor of black history month” and includes fried chicken, collard greens, black-eyed peas and cornbread.

It’s not like this is all that novel.

Fortunately NBC has a black chef to defend the menu.  And what does she have to say?

“I don’t write up the menu… that comes from upstairs. But, I guess at this point it’s safe to assume that we won’t be going with the dog casserole for Asian American Month,” she said.


One thought on “Twofer

  1. Fried chicken is a tired cliche — but OTOH, red beans & rice and collard greens and yams aren’t just foods clueless people think black people eat. They really are a legacy of the African diaspora, found in Ghanaian cuisine, Brazilian cuisine, etc. So many aspects of African culture were destroyed by the Atlantic slave trade, I think it’s positive to recognize whatever links we can find wherever we can find them.

    Still, for black history month, it would be a nice change to spotlight foods like peanut butter — staples of the U.S. diet that we all owe to African-Americans.

    (I can’t even find words for the dog comment, that’s just APPALLING.)

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