How I became acquainted with Beyonce

A relative who knows of my extensive music collection called and asked if I had a recording of a Beyonce song.

Me:  Who?

Relative:  Beyonce.  BEYONCE!  Haven’t you heard of Beyonce?  The song goes like this … *singing*

Me:  Hey, that’s an Etta James tune.

Relative:  Etta Who?

Anyway, now that I know Beyonce is a famous singer, I’ll be sure to watch out for  her.  I was reading a news article about the Grammy awards, and Beyonce was mentioned.  My brain yelled, “Hey!  I know who that is!”  Anyway, the article said Beyonce was wearing a “nude colored” dress.  So of course I had to go googling around until I found a photograph.

So what color is nude?

There ya go.  I was hoping it was going to look like she wasn’t wearing anything at all.  Anyway, what color do you think that is?



6 thoughts on “How I became acquainted with Beyonce

  1. I’m gonna go with champagne or taupe…That dress is the same color as my last car and I could never figure out what to put on forms when they asked what color the car was. A lot of times I just put down tan.

    I bet folks would’ve taken notice if I’d said the car was ‘nude’.

  2. LOL, that reminds me that when I was traveling in Europe with a friend, I had to fill out some form about what color the car was. I asked my friend and I thought he said “champignon,” so I wrote “mushroom.” Then he got mad at me.

  3. I’d be interested to read the article you mention, as “nude” to them is obviously not Beyonce’s “nude.” But to answer your question, it seems pinkish to me. But I am not very good at deciphering color names. For instance, I only know of three blues: light, dark, and uindentified :)

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