Gonna get me one

Hope it’s cute.

Well, I just got contacted by somebody who said a bunch of Haitian orphans is expected tonight. And here it isn’t even Christmas. So social services is looking for people to foster them, preferably people who speak French. Only they don’t need to be licensed.

What. The. Fuck. Just hand them out to anybody who wants one.


19 thoughts on “Gonna get me one

  1. Hmm, miust speak French? I just read that most Haitians speak Creole, not French.

    NOT LICENSED? WTF doesn’t even cover what I was just thinking.

  2. just found this quote from an adoption site:

    “I’m not sure I understand your statement about use of resources. The poor use of resources would be to hire an army of people to fight thieves every couple of days to get food and water to every orphanage, and to hire armed guards at every orphanage to keep thieves and robbers from steeling said food and water from every orphanage. Especially when that could last for years before order is restored. Isn’t it much better to remove any orphans from that environment and get them to safety?”

    Yes, Haitians are “thieves” but lets take their children. (snark)

  3. It really is sickening. With the complete devastation of buildings and official documents, there is going to be run on children who are separated from their families due to the earthquake to be snatch up and sent off to the Great White West Land of the Saviors for a tidy sum. There are so many things about this event that make me want to cry.

  4. Does “somebody” have any documentation that “social services” is placing children with unlicensed foster parents? (A letter, a name, an agency?) Call me naive, but that sounds a little like a suburban legend. There has been at least one group of Haitian children flown to the U.S., but they were said to be approved for adoption already, just accelerated to the families that were already waiting for them.

  5. It’s because we [benevolent and altruistic humanitarians] can’t trust them [poor, undeveloped] to know what to do with the money we give them. After all, they just loot. And since *we* know better how to use resources, we can make sure the “deserving” Haitians get help. Since children are the most “deserving” it’s best that *we* control how resources are distributed to them, and that includes bringing them to us. How else can we control and ensure that our resources go to the most innocent and deserving? /sarcasm.

  6. Since this is apparently just between me and the moderator, I may as well add: I respect your perspective, but regret the dissemination of misinformation, if that is the case here, which I suspect. There is plenty of real bad behavior by Whites out there to talk about.

  7. Okay, as a licensed foster parent I can testify that the importance of having a family that can speak to the child is VASTLY more important than the moderate amount of training a licensee has to go through. Though most orphans will be suffering from attachment syndrome, few will be experiencing common problems related to children that often find themselves in American foster care (e.g. drug exposure, abuse).

    Social Services WILL do a home inspection and a background check (usually Livescan, which tracks a person’s Hx of sexual abuse and other things via their fingerprints) on every family receiving an orphan. There will be frequent followups with social workers, each child will be assigned an attorney, given full medical care and mandatory appointments with a doctor, and no child will be released into a home that does not have a spare room, crib, changing table and a dresser dedicated to that child. Finally a family with French speaking parents is more likely to have soem level of education, increasing the chances for a stable placement.

    It may seem disturbing on the face of it to have non-licensees taking care of a child, but imagine the horror of being uprooted from your world shipped to another country with a different culture, different food, weather, everything–plus not having someone around to help you understand what is happening. There are always flaws in any major exchange of refugees, but in answer to your question: No. Social Services will NOT be handing the kids out to anybody who wants them.

  8. I definitely want to stipulate that I in no way endorse shipping children out of their homeland for the sake of a mythical better life in the land of plenty, I just wanted to add a little clarity to the actual process that social services in *most* states undertakes to make placement.

  9. Fact: Haitian law requires adoption be finalized in-country before children adopted by citizens of other countries remove them.

    Fact: “Orphan” is a loose term used by the CIS that does not in fact mean a child who does not have parents.

    Fact: Things are such a mess in Haiti right now that paperwork is not necessarily accessible.

    Fact: Some of the children snatched out of the country were not in the process of being adopted.

    Fact: A number of the regular commenters on this blog have social service backgrounds. Many have been licensed foster parents. Many have psych backgrounds. Quite a few speak French.

    Fact: The prevalence of private planes used to travel to/from Haiti makes it difficult to track passengers.

    Fact: Some of the children have arrived without visas. Some were granted “humanitarian parole,” which has never been intended to be used as a path to permanent residency.

    Fact: All the names and telephone numbers I received for contact tracked back to real people and real offices and departments.

    Opinion: Foster parent screening is often not very rigorous.

    Opinion: Children removed from country against Haitian law and without proper documentation are being stolen.

    Opinion: The idea of “saving” children increases the possibility that children will be deposited with less-than-appropriate caregivers.

    Opinion: Race/social class/education levels are given too much priority in assessing caregivers and don’t have a whole lot to do with ability to parent, specifically ability to parent children who have suffered trauma.

  10. Right. And I still don’t have any facts to support the initial post – that they are being fostered by unlicensed people. Or that they are “hand[ing] them out to anyone who wants one.”

  11. “Opinion: Children removed from country against Haitian law and without proper documentation are being stolen.”

    If you’re trying to do some definitions…that would be a *fact*.

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