Hello, attractive anti-racists!

Read this and then call me.  Maybe I should have a new year’s resolution.  And you should too.  If you’re concerned about my health and well-being, that is.

PS:  Am I the only one who thinks, “Who the heck has this much time?”


9 thoughts on “Hello, attractive anti-racists!

  1. Some of the points made are kinda correlation does not equal causation… people who are already healthy are more capable of having sex more frequently, and that point about slimmer physiques––come ON.

    But really. Why can’t I just enjoy sex for sex?

  2. “‘Holy God! Sexual activity is a very important thing to do. Human beings were really meant to do this.'”

    “In the article, which reviews several decades’ worth of studies on sex and health, researcher Stuart Brody concludes that penile-vaginal intercourse — and not other types of sexual activity — confer the most health benefits.”

    “”Evolution is not politically correct,” Brody says.”

    Oh good. For a second I thought these scientician folk were gonna say something like, I dunno, sex as a form of exercise is what potentially makes people healthy. Glad to know see it’s *really* about what Holy God! “meant” for people to do.

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