Will I lose my ten bucks?

Brandon Piekarsky and Derrick Donchak will remain in jail until their federal trial.  We can only hope.  It will be the best ten bucks I ever spent.

Attorneys for Piekarsky and Donchak argued for their release.  Honor student, altar boy, blah blah blah.  But Judge Malachy Mannion cut to the chase:

While they may have displayed some good qualities, Mannion noted “the factor that trumps all other factors is your actions led to the death of another human being.”

See, because once you murder somebody, it doesn’t matter if you got straight A’s.

And in yet another example of unfairness to white people, the defense attorney had this to say:

“In most civilized countries in the western world, people are only tried once on the same set of facts,” Fetterhoff told reporters outside of court, calling the federal charges “unjustified.”

Unjustified. Because you should be able to kill somebody and get away with it if you’re an honor student. And what’s up with this “civilized countries in the western world” bit? Does that not include civilized countries in the eastern world? Or aren’t there any?

How about this: In civilized countries, people don’t walk away with a hand slap for murder. We hope.


2 thoughts on “Will I lose my ten bucks?

  1. I like how they are called teenagers throughout the article. Because stressing them being teenagers will influence readers to feel sorry for them. Poor teens with good grades who never got into trouble before! Please, they are adults who committed a violent murder, let’s not try to pretty it up.

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