Just like ‘flesh-colored’

Are there any black people at HP? Its facial-recognition software is supposed to track people using a webcam.  But as the linked video demonstrates, it is massive fail.

I’m a little surprised given that HP in Palo Alto has a number of people of Asian Indian descent, and they sometimes have dark skin.

Random unrelated HP anecdote follows:

So when I was in Palo Alto, my cousin told me to tell the hotel clerk I wanted the HP discount.  My white sister-in-law and one of my white acquaintances also did this, no problem.  We all checked in within minutes of each other.  Guess who got asked for ID by the white clerk?

Ever been to HP in Palo Alto?  It’s an Asian-a-rama.

3 thoughts on “Just like ‘flesh-colored’

  1. I know that Sony’s face recognition software works extremely well on Asians. It got that right 100% of the time when I have used mine at home that installed with my camera. Pretty cool!

  2. After the man said “HP computers are racist” I really was disappointed that the white woman did not back him up.

    All she had to do was say “Yeah, exactly”, but she didn’t. Which felt to me like she was willing to participate but not willing to support.

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