Oh internets

It has been strongly suggested to me that I need to help one of my elderly relatives obtain some new pants.  Unfortunately, this combines three of my least-favorite activities:  Old people, driving and shopping.  Additionally, this task is complicated by the following:

This relative is probably around 4’8″ tall.  I don’t know her measurements, but she says her waist size is similar to her hip size.  I’d guess 30″ and 35″.  I’d guess her inseam is around 25″ or so.  Her weight is 115.  How do I know this?  I take her to the doctor.

I seriously doubt we will be able to find any pants with a 25″ inseam, but longer pants are probably okay.  Since the strongly suggesting person knows how to sew.  The strongly suggesting person, however, does not know how to sew pants.  I know this to be the case because I strongly suggested that this person might sew some pants.  The strongly suggesting person does not wear pants.  (How is that possible?)

This relative wants new blue jeans and some casual pants.  Any suggestions about brands would be gratefully received.  The petite shop near her residence closed.

This is one of those things that makes me feel a little bit crazy.  Thanks for any help you might provide.

7 thoughts on “Oh internets

  1. My mom buys capri pants and wears them as full lengths…does that help?
    AND, your sewing friend; I’m sure s/he can hem. LoL
    I’ll ask my mom where she shops.

  2. Ann Taylor Loft has petites that always suit me just fine, I’m 5′. Also I know that you can order pants by the inseam from Land’s End and return them to Sears if they don’t fit.

    You can also pay to have a tailor to hem pants for around $10-15 since the strongly suggestive person can’t do it.

  3. Gap Kids. They have nice fabric and quality and the prices are lower too. If the pants are too long, you can have them hemmed (by your strongly suggesting friend), but at least they will fit in the waist and body.

  4. I dunno about petites these days. I’m 4’11” and they’re usually too long for me and my 27″ inseam. Second trying cropped or capri pants, which are usually around 25″

  5. Breaking news! We have achieved pants! Thanks for all of your suggestions. I ended up buying the pants at Gap Kids (thanks, nw!). The girls’ plus sizes were perfect except for length. Which I will leave to the strongly suggesting person.

    I found that inseams on petite jeans ranged from 28″ to 35″. (!)

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