Obstruction of justice.


Hate crime.

Those are the charges against three police officers who were involved in the aftermath of the murder of Luis Ramirez, according to CNN.  This article lists four members of the police, Shenandoah Police Chief Matthew Nestor, Capt. Jamie Gennarini, Lt. William Moyer and Police Officer Jason Hayes.   Brandon Piekarsky and Derrick Donchak have also been charged with federal hate crimes.

You might remember that it took two weeks for the murderers to be charged, despite the fact that a retired police officer witnessed the crime and another witness was able to name the attackers.  You might also remember that one of the officers dated Piekarsky’s mother, and another was a family friend to another perpetrator.  Or that there were serious allegations that the perpetrators were coached about getting their stories straight.

Piekarsky, who delivered the fatal blow to Ramirez’s head, was sentenced to six to twenty-three months.  He might be out by Christmas.  Or maybe not.  We can only hope.

Edited to add:  This article says that Piekarsky is scheduled to be released Thursday. WTF.  I hate to be right.

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