Ten years

On September 1, 2007, Du Doan was a 62-year-old man who was fishing at Montrose Harbor in Chicago.  He would be just 64 if he were alive today.

Today John J. Haley was sentenced to 10 years for involuntary manslaughter.  He faced a sentence of two to five years, but the potential sentence was 10 years because of a prior drug conviction.  Haley’s lawyers also moved for a new trial.  Undoubtedly because they thought it was unfair he should be convicted of involuntary manslaughter for pushing yet another man into the lake, laughing and walking away as Doan drowned.

If he serves all ten years, he will be just 43 years old when released.  But Du Doan will still be dead.


4 thoughts on “Ten years

  1. What do they care? It’s ONLY a Vietnamese guy he murdered. I mean, sorry, it’s not that bad – “manslaughter-ed.”

  2. I can’t help but think the reaction would have been very different if it was a white woman who was murdered.

  3. Haley’s lawyers passed it off as a stupid prank, akin to pushing another person in a swimming pool. But Doan was shoved in an area where there is approximately a 7 foot drop to the water. No handrails, no stairs, nothing to grab.

    Haley had a previous felony conviction for cocaine and a battery conviction for hitting somebody on the back of the head with a barbell. He had numerous arrests. Additionally, he was sentenced to three years for battery for the other guy he pushed in a few months before, but the judge ruled that he should serve that sentence concurrently instead of consecutively.

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