Lurker Wednesday

Who are you and where are you from?


49 thoughts on “Lurker Wednesday

  1. My name is Emily and I’m from Cleveland, OH.
    In the past few years I’ve started reading feminist blogs on a daily basis and educating myself about feminist history and current issues.

    It was a natural extension from there to racism (that’s why I read this one!) and able-ism. I’m slowly educating myself about history and current issues…

    Glad to be reading.

  2. I’m DB from Seattle. I lurk because your blog is fascinating; I have no clue who you are. You have faced some of the most racist situations out there as an Asian, but you have white relatives. I’m not even sure if you’re man or woman, frankly. I think you maybe adopted or hapa, but I can’t be sure of anything. You leak enough personal information to make your posts believable, yet at the same time say nothing about yourself. So, I keep reading.

  3. August from Baltimore. I’m a WOC who is also a new parent. Currently typing with one hand and holding the baby as she nurses in the other!

  4. Kat. Mexican and Anglo from Texas. Now living in Wisconsin. I am a biologist and also work on diversity in science issues.

  5. I’m m from Hawaii and like DB I have no clue who you are. For the longest time I thought you were a woman, but recently I’ve been guessing man. I also go back and forth on whether you’re Asian or not. Right now I’m thinking at least part. Not that it matters…

    Really enjoy your blog.

  6. OK… since it’s Lurker Wednesday… I can mention where I am from and it won’t be a shameless plug… my blog is and the “2” is new this week! A new blog address! Yaaaaay!

    I write a lot of posts that deal with race so I am very interested in the work you are doing hee at your blog!

    I’m a classic Midwesterner by the way…in case anyone wondered!! *LOL*

  7. in the US, originally from Australia. I found you recently and I like diverse viewpoints, sometimes hard to come by in the South.

  8. It’s no longer Wednesday, but I lurk here all the time…very informative blog. Btw, I’m from central Kentucky.

  9. Hahaha! All of us regular readers definitely get the humor of that question, resistance.

    My answer: I’m really from my mommie’s belly. LOL

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