Twenty-six students were attacked yesterday at South Philadelphia High School:

The school’s principal, LaGreta Brown, declined to comment, but Michael Silverman, who oversees the city’s 32 neighborhood schools, said that assaults in the school are down by 50 percent.

Well, that’s heartening.

Why isn’t this bigger news?


6 thoughts on “Twenty-six

  1. Who were the attacks by? That’s the one thing I didn’t get from the article, and I have a sneaking suspicion it’s because it was by ‘good All-American’ racist white teenagers. Fourteen people attacks one kid and no one sees? That fits their usual M.O.

  2. That school was in the news last year (?) sometime, and its white percentage was around 10. African Americans were around 65 percent. Most of the kids are low-income.

  3. My ten dollars is on the whites. I just don’t believe the major newspapers and networks would’ve missed the chance to air the story if it had been another problem between those pesky POC, not to mention an especial chance to demonize blacks as dangerous mobs. Of course, since people were actually arrested it could go either way. They aren’t big on arresting the hate crime commiting whites. We’ll see though.

  4. notice how the overseer invalidates the experience (violence down 50 percent).

    and wtf does “working with the asian community have to do with reducing the violence, geez.

    the ethnicity of the attackers doesn’t really matter to me, the fact that there is a lot of anti-immigration hatred is what matters to me, which gets pushed all the time by Murdock & Fake News.

    I just read an article recently in the NYT where African immigrants were being targeted too, to the extent that it was safer to wear western clothes for the children of african immigrants.

  5. I would have thought that 18% Asian kids might at least have provided a little safety in numbers. Obviously, not.

  6. From AngryAsianMan:

    “Michael Silverman, the regional superintendent for high schools, says they’ve been ‘working with the Asian community since last year to make sure that South Philly High is an inviting place.’ I’m sorry, Mr. Silverman, you’re doing a shit job. Here’s some contact info:

    Michael Silverman
    Comprehensive High School Regional Superintendent
    The School District of Philadelphia
    3133 Ridge Avenue
    Philadelphia, PA 19132

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