No, I’m not linking.

I tend to think this fascination with Tiger Woods has to do with the fact that he has a blonde, white wife.  But anyway, the racist jokes are flying.  And people can’t even be original about it.  Basically the same joke came out of the mouths of George Lopez, Wanda Sykes and Jo Koy.  It goes like this:

You know, Tiger Wo0ds is half black and half Asian.  So his black side [insert stereotypical racist belief here] and his Asian side [insert stereotypical racist belief here].

For good measure, Jo Koy (who is Filipino) throws in some ching-chongery.

Better to have people laugh with you than at you, I guess.  Only problem is that they’d just as happily laugh at you.

I never liked Wanda Sykes.


4 thoughts on “No, I’m not linking.

  1. “I tend to think this fascination with Tiger Woods has to do with the fact that he has a blonde, white wife.”

    There is a fascination, and also a discomfort, with this that I see from both whites and POCs. For example, his wife, when he married her, was working a nanny. Still, in the (white) press she’s always described as a model – sometimes a supermodel – because she did a little, low level, modeling growing up – like supermodels work as nannies. The press especially emphasizes that she’s a Nordic model — which, you know, makes her extra beautiful or something. It’s like because she was a white domestic, she had to be re-imagined by whites so that it wouldn’t seem that she had less status than her black/Asian husband. After all, whites don’t let POC women who work as nannies don’t get relabeled as models or supermodels. And, of course, POC domestics don’t get to marry celebrities — you have to have white privilege for that fairy tale to come true. Then on the other hand, a lot of POCs in my family saw it as “well, she’s white, so in our society that makes up for whatever status she lacks.” A white nanny has as much status or is even preferable to a non-white PhD or celeb.

    I don’t like Wanda Sykes either, but I do like her quote, “Reverse racism is when a racist is nice to somebody. What y’all are talking about is karma.”

  2. Co-sign overseas, b/c everyone knows only European accents are ok. If you’re a white nanny with a British accent you’re intelligent or a French accent you’re romantic but a Latina nanny with a Spanish accent “needs to learn English.”

  3. “I tend to think this fascination with Tiger Woods has to do with the fact that he has a blonde, white wife.” And the water was really wet, after all! I predicated this when he married that idiot, though lucky for him in this scenario he’s miraculously minus handcuffs. But whether or not he divorces, he will have learned nothing and next year will be sporting Blondie 2.0 to the PGA, if he’s invited. Internalized racism is a bitch isn’t it?

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