I think I need a category.

I was all excited when I saw the Bruce Lee weather forecast over at Angry Asian Man.  That is, until I saw the clothing selected for him:

The characters on the first shirt are too small to read (maybe 普京知something? is that Putin on the shirt?) but the second t-shirt reads something like “Taking application for a Japanese girl.”  And the fourth is a slanty-eyed girl with chopsticks sticking out of her hair.

Obama in the same weather conditions is wearing a “No War” shirt.

3 thoughts on “Boo!

  1. it’s 普京知道 or Putin Knows. As for the second shirt, only Asiaphile whiteboys wear that crap, so it’s unfitting for Bruce.

  2. The second shirt is meant to read “Taking applications for a Japanese girlfriend”. It’s another shirt that, as DaBoo put it, Asiaphile whiteboys wear. I believe it’s primarily marketed to anime fanboys.

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