Worst lede of the year

I’m ready to call it and it’s just the beginning of December:

Today, Meredith Baxter revealed the gender to which her heart is truly tied: women.

Today, Sheila Marikar revealed the profession to which her brain is truly disconnected: writing. But maybe writing is just a lifestyle preference for her.


4 thoughts on “Worst lede of the year

  1. Today, I reveal the past time to which my lack of progress is truly due: procrastination.

    (Hey this is fun. Could be a new blog meme…)

  2. Let’s keep it going…

    Today, my co-worker uttered the word that would forever change my view of her: colored.

  3. Today, I mastered the one computer skill I will need in the next millenium: Skype. Only to hear my child say, that is so last year Mom.

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