Edited to add: If you came here from a blog called “Rexie Maximus,” be advised that several sections of a post called “Racism on the Internet” were directly lifted from a post here called “Internet Racism.”  I commented on it here.

I saw this image used as a click-through button from the Evan B. Donaldson site.  (I was reading the article about identity formation in adopted persons.)   Apparently Spence-Chapin (an adoption agency) uses this as their Facebook logo as well.

How can people be so clueless?

Edited to add:  Sang-Shil over at the Land of the Not-So-Calm reports that Spence-Chapin has replaced their racist Facebook logo. But it’s still on the Donaldson site.

5 thoughts on “Yes.

  1. I don’t know if “clueless” is quite the right word. Though I wouldn’t accuse all PAs/PAPs of this by a long shot, I’ve met several couples who want a Chinese girl because adopting a Chinese girl is “exotic,” feeds their rescuer mentality, and scores them a free ticket into a culture they think is really cool based on their superficial understanding of it. They “love Chinese people” but also believe they’re so horrible they’d kill this girl if they didn’t purchase her.

    People who are not interested in knowing what’s hurtful to others because that might get in the way of their having what they want are not ignorant. They would like to use ignorance as an excuse, but what they are is, quite simply, entitled jerks.

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