The browning of disease

Part IV.  Links to I, II, and III can be found here.

So I went to the library, and saw that in a couple of places there are signs indicating that if your kids are sick, you should keep them home.  Which is all well and good.  Except the picture on the sign is that of a sick-looking Asian kid.

The CDC’s H1N1 informational site also has a picture of a sick-looking Asian girl.  As well as a brown family.  And there were two pictures in the newspaper recently illustrating stories about H1N1.  An Asian woman holding vaccine vials.  And Asian kids getting inoculated by Asian health care workers.

I’m off to cough on folks at the library again.  Back later.


One thought on “The browning of disease

  1. You should seen Toronto/Canada during SARS 2003. Embarrassingly, my mother was afraid of catching the disease from (other) Chinese people and Chinese businesses, and decided to drive up north to all-white communities to get groceries. Not only was she racist against her own ethnicity by viewing them/us from a white POV, but she didn’t have enough of a white POV to be uncomfortable and self-conscious being Chinese in white self-segregated areas during the SARS outbreak. I didn’t want my mom to scare the bejesus out of those small-town white folk by invading them from Toronto, but then again, maybe there’s something funny about it… if only it wasn’t so sad.

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