‘True Americans’

This story is about a reunion of the Texas First Battalion with the 442nd Regimental Combat Team.  The two units first met during the bloody WWII battle in the Vosges Mountains.  The First Battalion’s 217 members were completely surrounded when the segregated Japanese American 442nd RCT was sent in on a suicide rescue mission.

814 casualties.

For 217 men.


5 thoughts on “‘True Americans’

  1. Kanaya said he found it ironic that men who wore the same uniform he did were guarding his parents and sister at an internment camp in Idaho.

    “We had to prove we were loyal Americans,” Kanaya said. “We were caught between a rock and a hard place. We just had to give it our all.”


  2. How many Japanese-American soldiers equal one white American soldier? About 4 in this case…so does that make a Japanese-American 1/4 of a person? :/

  3. Tortolano said. “In some ways they were treated as second-class citizens. But they proved they were true Americans.”
    this quote is pretty angering, but if youre reading this blog you probably already know why. and it was a good thing those guys in the first were white or i guess they’d have been left for dead

  4. I have long heard that the segregated Nisei regiment was the most decorated of any in the US armed forces in WWII, most of them with family in the internment camps.

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