The office for whut?

Another blackface incident, this time at West Virginia University:

Three West Virginia women’s soccer players blacked their faces for a Halloween event last week.

Photos surfaced earlier this week on Facebook showing three players in black makeup with padding on their buttocks.

Jennifer McIntosh, executive officer for the President’s Office for Social Justice at West Virginia University, confirmed the incident occurred at a “fun, team event” for Halloween.

“They were not in blackface. I mean, as we consider blackface,” McIntosh said.

Yeah, I couldn’t make this stuff up.


4 thoughts on “The office for whut?

  1. They were not in blackface. I mean, as we consider blackface.

    What? What they “consider” blackface? What does that even mean? Oh, that’s right, white folks get to decide what qualifies as racist, and let everyone else know. Sorry, my bad.

  2. Like more cowbell said:

    Thanks for telling us what racism is, you white pricks because you’d know better than…oh…a BLACK person. I don’t understand how black Americans live in this fucking country sometimes without their blood boiling. And reading those comments about how POCs are being “too sensitive” piss me off.

  3. Ahhh Blackface…. It really does blow my mind that people can go through the entire process of putting this on their face and not questioning it. At least it took place at a “fun team event” and not a drunken gathering of racist idiots with no inhibitions. You know, because then it would be offensive.

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