Northwestern 2009


Another blackface incident.   Another white student who is not pictured also dressed in blackface.    This is apparently a repeat of 2007, in which two Ph.D. students dressed in blackface.  The university’s statement?  Yeah, it’s offensive but it didn’t break any rules.

Among other things, what this tells me is that Northwestern remains a highly segregated institution.  Because if any of these students assumed black friends would be at the party, would they dress like this? 

A friend used to teach at Northwestern and reported many of the issues faced by black students and faculty.  Basically, the white Northwestern students and staff members perceive Northwestern to be a white institution.  Among the incidents I remember is a black female professor who was frequently assumed to be a secretary, a partner of an employee who was arrested by the campus police for “suspicious behavior,” black students who were stopped in the cafeteria and asked for extra condiments, black professors whose students thought they were in the wrong classroom because the students presumed the professors would be white.

Thanks to Melanie for the link.

One thought on “Northwestern 2009

  1. “The university’s statement? Yeah, it’s offensive but it didn’t break any rules.”

    It’s 2009! You’re not supposed to need rules against blackface.

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