Lurker Wednesday

Ten top reasons to de-lurk on Wednesday.

10.  Because it’s Hump Day and I like a little excitement.

9. Kind of creepy knowing all those eyes are on us but never knowing who they belong to.

8. Would like to meet more white adoptive parents to dump on.

7. Sang-Shil said so.

6. Curious what interests folks in the blog.

5. Want to make sinoangle, durgamom, and gabriela63 post more.

4. Have an plethora of cookies to pass out.

3. Get tired of spilling my guts here.

2. Procrastinating on a big project and need something fun to read.

1. It’s all about me.

35 thoughts on “Lurker Wednesday

  1. LOL. Okay, so second comment!

    I’m not an adoptive parent (will be an adoptive aunt someday, though), and I have no use for cookies, but I like it around here a lot. I’ve been hanging about for weeks, just learning stuff. Your “adoption commodification” tag is the greatest thing since the invention of caramel apple cheesecake. (Hmm. If I ramble coherently enough without sounding like a *totally* ignorant white person, can I earn one of those? ;-))

  2. Is it lurking if I’ve already commented a couple of times? And I think I might have already de-lurked myself at some point.

    Love it when you dump on white adoptive parents as I am in the process of being a Filipina-white adoptive mom. It gives me meat on which to chew.

    And I love cookies.

  3. Hiya from Lurker Laine. White lesbian adult adoptee who started coming here recently because it’s the only place I’ve run across that talks about the commodification of adoption. Sticking around because I’m loving your blog — always feeling infuriated by stuff I did know about and enlightened about stuff I didn’t. (Now I’m reading This Woman’s Work because Sang-Shil said to, so thanks too for that referral — can’t quite believe I am so digging a blog by an adoptive mother.)

  4. Not really a lurker, but hey, you know we white folks are always after those cookies! Oatmeal raisin?

    Number 8 made me LOL. Or “go for the LOLz”, as my son would say.

  5. Somehow I clicked through to your site at the beginning of the Tedaldi outrage and have stuck around off and on. Shortly after that began, I read the adoptive parent who is upset that her Chinese child might experience racism that she is unaware exists and if you don’t like it, ‘go back to China!’ There was something so compellingly ignorant about that post that I just stuck around. I don’t have too much to add. I am not an adoptive parent, nor do I know too many people who are or who have been adopted internationally.

    I do, however, have a thoroughly New England WASP aunt who has been a practicing Buddhist in the Tibetan tradition since 60s. I find her devotion to the tradition profoundly weird and not thought through, even after 40 years. I think she sees it as rejection of much of what is wrong in the western tradition, but it seems the remedies to the ills are just as available in, say, Christian tradition, as the Buddhist but she just prefers the Buddhist. She has recently started going on pilgrimages to India and Nepal and she much prefers Nepal since India isn’t really set up for tourism. To which I responded, ‘maybe it’s set up for Indians.’ She conceded the point, I think….

  6. not quite de-lurking as i comment from time to time. however – your blog is one of a very few that does truly challenge this white hetero chick, and i love it. i love reading unapologetic, well-thought opinions and thank you for letting all of us read and mull over yours.

  7. Just to prove to you that I do in fact lurk and haven’t disappeared off the face of the planet. :-P xx

  8. Hi everybody! *waves back*

    Sinoangle and durgamom, if your gravity were revoked I would feel the sucking void of emptiness. Speaking of voids, where’s gabriela63?

    Sang-Shil, how ’bout “Sang-Shil says send her all your money.” ;-D
    For twenty percent. Whaddya think?

  9. I read because I love your sense of humor, your take of what is right and wrong with the world and your disdain for compact florescent bulbs (there are so few of us in the world).

    I lurk mostly because RSS feeds make it hard to comment.

    As yet another white AP mom who thinks you’re awesome, I sometimes wonder if it is creepy for you to have so many of us following you.

  10. It’s still hump day on the west coast and I’m procrastinating instead of going to sleep. I initially tuned in on a recommendation from Harlow’s Monkey. Your words and links make me think. Often, I’ll feel grateful for something in my life after reading one of your posts. For example, I called up my sister and thanked her for taking in a high school senior, a friend of my nephew’s, who was kicked out of her home after coming out as a lesbian. The prom picture of her in a tux with her date is still on the refrigerator. Resist racism isn’t just a great name for a blog. It’s a mirror of the best and worst we can be.

    PS Kumbaya gives me awful flashbacks. I’m still working the 12 White Steps. Now, back to lurking.

  11. I am a lurker I guess, but I slither from the shadows on occasions. Why do I like this blog? Seems there are some healthy discussions going on, not too many trolls, no censored comments and I get to see different opinions in the comments.

  12. my, you are persistent;-)
    11. Purely selfish, I need places where I can relax and this is such a place because it’s honest

  13. hey, I figured I should post it here since it doesn’t have much to do with anything… but how can I change the little photo that shows up with a comment? haha

  14. I meant to comment last week… I’m not really a lurker because I have commented, but I really liked this… I’m thinking about appropriating it ;)

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