The Halloween ‘fun’

It never ends.  Because it’s all in “good fun,” yanno.  Unless of course you’re one of those hypersensitive, overly PC, chip-on-the-shoulder people.  Who maybe is also personally affected by racism and cultural cooptation.  See previous post.

Target is now selling an “Illegal Alien” costume.  And they have a bunch of other costumes that I find racist as well.  IBTCOOM,NTTE.

What I find demoralizing is the idea that something could go from the conception phase all the way through production and distribution without anybody saying, “Hey, WTF?”

5 thoughts on “The Halloween ‘fun’

  1. Supposedly(according to NPR this am) they’ve since removed the costumes from their stores because “legal” immigrants complained. Not because it’s a shitty thing to carry in their stores. So over the term “illegal” and crappy Halloween costumes.

  2. Wal-Mart also has a “Mexican” costume w/sombrero and serape, and Card & Party Outlet has a his & hers set featuring a Bollywood-style “sari” outfit paired, inexplicably, with a men’s outfit featuring a giant gold turban, curly-toed slippers and a vest. Apparently Indian, Turkish and Arabic dress all run together in their heads. However, the “geisha” look seems to have fallen out of fashion again, mercifully.

  3. My least favorite holiday ever. Last Halloween I mistakenly went out, and got into two near-fights. One was of course with a white woman dressed as a geisha.

    AGH. I need to stay in this Halloween. REMEMBER. *writes on hand*

  4. Also, if I DO go out, I need to not drink. That’ll help curb the HULK-SMASH feelings a little…

    …but only a little.

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