Give it if you’ve got it

I went to the food pantry to drop some stuff off (just wanted to clarify in case you were wondering) and the shelves are really bare.

Our community collects statistics on donations so I looked at a few organizations’ historical figures.  Donations are way, way down from previous years.

The pantry publishes a list of needed items and it includes predictable foods like mac and cheese, corned beef hash, canned ravioli, pasta, packaged fruit, etc.  I was surprised to see it doesn’t include rice, especially given the community demographics.  The cost of rice has been skyrocketing; the last twenty-pound bag I bought was more than twenty dollars.  For a long time it was around $8.  Think I’ll take a couple of bags in the next time I go.


4 thoughts on “Give it if you’ve got it

  1. Our local food shelves always request high-protein items like canned fish and meat, and peanut butter. This is a good reminder to add some of those items to my shopping list today.

  2. The pantry I manage does have a lot of specific needs and they tend to be things like meats, milk, toiletries, and cereal.

    Most of us are part of larger networks that receive shipments of rice, beans, pasta, and some other staples from public and private entities on a regular basis. We know we’ll be getting a case of rice each week, so we don’t publish that as a need, KWIM?

    We’ve seen a huge increase in families coming in for assistance recently. Here are the real monthly number of families from April – Sept, pretty scary.

    So, yes- I agree – give it if you’ve got it. If you buy your diapers from the warehouse club keep 90 for yourself and stick 10 in a ziplock and give it to the pantry. If you see cereal on sale, grab an extra box. There are all kinds of strategies to make giving more affordable.

    If you don’t got it – then ask how you can help in other ways – we always need volunteers for pantry stocking, distribution, and other projects.

  3. we made little bags with real fruit and granola bars for kids to take home, they need healthy snacks, and the food pantry doesn’t always have that stuff either, they do get donations of old rotten cakes and pies, yuck, that is not a good dessert for kids.

  4. Hey CJsDaddy, I’ve never seen rice distributed at our food pantry. Doesn’t mean it isn’t done. But my thought is the poverty of certain groups tends to be ignored.

    Thanks to you all for contributing.

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