What kind of coffee was it?

Link to video of a Dolton (Chicago suburb) police officer assaulting a 15-year-old special education student.  I saw the raw video, but couldn’t figure out what the officer does right before the assault.

This video made it clear.  He sets his coffee down.


9 thoughts on “What kind of coffee was it?

  1. like that little spin at the end of the video where the news anchor mentions that often times what’s not caught on camera gives justification for the taped event.

  2. js718, i didnt catch the end, that is absurd, what a “news anchor”, the cop is an out of control brute. it’s as stupid as tedaldi saying that it was the baby’s fault for not bonding, absurd.

  3. It disturbs me that the beating of the young black honor student leads to a discussion of “black male violence” but incidents such as Annie Le’s murder or this cop’s brutality don’t lead to discussions of “white male violence.” Wtf, yeah, but also maybe, “can’t see em’. “

  4. Setting down the coffee indicated to me that he was preparing for a beat down.

    He apparently shot and killed his ex-wife’s new husband and is now charged with rape. Story here.

  5. flower, having a discussion of white male violence would be racist. You know, like how we have a black history month but we don’t have a white history month.

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