You. Yes you.


Don’t do it.  Unless you think “old-school glory” means “old school racism.”

Next up:  A tutorial on how to make your own sexy geisha costume.

Edited to add:  Or a tutorial on not getting it. By the way, speaking of comments, they have deleted some.

5 thoughts on “You. Yes you.

  1. Don’t tell me, let me guess. Joy stealers! No sense of humor! It’s all in good fun! And a white person (or two or three or sixty) thinks that there is absolutely no offensiveness about this. Why don’t you lighten up?

    (Lighten up … heh. To be fair. I crack myself up.)

  2. I particularly enjoyed the “I’m a white person and I have/had locs.” Or “I live in x and people of all colors have locs.” Sheesh.

  3. Melanie – I was thinking the same thing. I mean – if you want to study the history of Celtic hair no one would have a problem with that, but this is a blog about making a halloween craft for petes sake. Then the followup comment:

    “Halloween is a time for spoofs and exaggerations.”


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