Because white people are the fairest

And the most impartial.

Remember Oscar Grant?  He was the African American man shot to death by white BART police officer Johannes Mehserle.  Mehserle’s attorneys are moving for a change of venue.

Mehserle’s lawyers said a poll of 397 randomly selected county residents, conducted by a defense consultant from July 6 to Aug. 1, found that 97 percent had heard of the case.

Forty-six percent of respondents said Mehserle was definitely or probably guilty, the survey said. Twenty-seven percent said he was definitely or probably not guilty, and the remaining 27 percent didn’t know or wouldn’t say.

But more than 78 percent of the African Americans questioned – and fewer than 39 percent of the whites – said he was definitely or probably guilty, the survey said. The figures for those inclined to find Mehserle not guilty contrasted even more starkly – just over 5 percent of black respondents, and 33 percent of the whites.

The DA’s office disagrees:

O’Connor said prosecutors were “alarmed” by suggestions by defense attorney Michael Rains that potential jurors who are black should be screened in private to determine whether they have prejudged the case.

“The people dispute the defense notion that a high proportion of African Americans in this county are incapable of being fair,” O’Connor wrote.

“To single out African American jurors for this treatment is unwarranted, unprecedented and inappropriate,” O’Connor said.


7 thoughts on “Because white people are the fairest

  1. Well, it is both unwarranted and inappropriate, but it is not, sadly, unprecedented. Black jury members have been treated differently since they’ve been allowed to serve.

  2. You know it’s interesting that the word English word ‘fair’ has another meaning (among several others, in fact), which refers to complexion – specifically pale, and which also means pretty, or pleasing to the eye. What a coinky-dink. I wonder if those two words – the ‘fair’ which means just, and the ‘fair’ which means light-skinned and attractive, derive from different sources and are just coincidentally the same four letters, or if the conflating of all three of those concepts – just, attractive, and light-skinned – produced the same word. Etymology aside, they certainly do seem to be confused in the minds of a lot of people, don’t they?

  3. there was a case in Yonkers, NY, where a cop bodyslammed a woman to the floor, it was all on tape, and you know what, the cop won! the jury thought maybe he didn’t mean it or something. there is a you/tube video of the cop laughing at the end of the tape after he gets aquitted. the woman’s name is Irma Marquez.

    this is just a ploy to get the cop off, who clearly executed Oscar Grant,. I don”t think transit police should carry guns to begin with, but this cop must have been out of control, that video of Oscar Grant being shot in the back and then rolled over like he was a nothing still makes me sick.

  4. I am not surprised by this tactic. If defense attorneys want to control who ends up on the jury, then they should go back to when only white men were allowed to serve. Since this is the only view point they are interested in hearing/seeing. The mere fact that so many individuals believe that the defendant is guilty gives a good indication of what kind of case they have against him.

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