Still debating the SOS

University of North Dakota faces deadline on Fighting Sioux name

Brett Potas is so angry the University of North Dakota may drop its Fighting Sioux nickname that he’s canceled his season hockey tickets and says he won’t give his alma mater another dime.

“They tried to get me to think about it. I said that I’ve been thinking about it for years,” Potas said. He says he doesn’t want to be associated with a university that takes a politically correct position.

Lucy Ganje, an art professor who led protests against the name, said the school not only should drop its nickname and Indian head logo, it should also apologize to the Sioux tribes and the school’s American Indian students.

The two views illustrate the debate over the nickname that has nagged the school for years and could finally be resolved this fall. Unless the school gets the support of the state’s two Sioux tribes by Oct. 1, which appears unlikely, the state Board of Higher Education says it must drop the nickname.

2 thoughts on “Still debating the SOS

  1. I like how the dreaded “politically correct” position is that of trying not to appear to be an insensitive, racist asshole (only APPEAR, however). CURSE ALL OF YOU PC-TYPES AND YOUR COMPASSION!!!

  2. political correctness is a straw man argument for conservative racists to hide behind and attack to avoid dealing with real issues of racism.

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