“Wrong-embryo baby’s parents laud ‘guardian angel'”

An Ohio woman who gave birth to a baby boy after a fertility clinic implanted her with the wrong embryo is a “guardian angel,” the boy’s biological parents said Saturday.

Paul and Shannon Morell of suburban Detroit said in a statement that they would be “eternally grateful” to Carolyn Savage, of Sylvania, Ohio, for her decision to give birth to their child despite the clinic’s mistake.

Savage gave the baby to the Morells. Story here.


5 thoughts on ““Wrong-embryo baby’s parents laud ‘guardian angel'”

  1. It sounds like they told the biological uh… parents? what would be the word?… of the embryo before the pregnant woman had even decided what to do. That strikes me as being a major violation of the pregnant woman’s privacy. I mean if she wants to have the baby and give it to them, okay, but it’s not like she’s obligated.

    What a completely bizarre situation though. I wonder what would have happened if she had wanted to terminate. I bet the other couple would have had a fit.

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