When WTF doesn’t cover it

The Westb0r0 Baptist Church is planning a “protest” at Temple Beth El during Annie Le’s memorial service.  Which is tonight.


6 thoughts on “When WTF doesn’t cover it

  1. Hi Kpak, it was in the article at the time I posted it. The WBC also sent out a press release including Annie Le’s name.

    The members of that “church” don’t need a connection. They just want publicity.

  2. Westboro is a group of around 100 people, mostly the “preacher’s” family and a few friends. I don’t know why the media keeps giving them what they want (attention) and legitimizing them as what they’re not (a church) as opposed to what they really are (a bigoted family that has almost no real world or unrelated congregation.) The media allows them to loom far larger in the public imagination than they are in real life — extending their reach.

  3. My partner accidentally drove by one of their minor protests while visiting relatives and pulled over in horror but then didn’t know how to respond since they had children protesting with them and she didn’t want to use Macon’s response. She rolled down her window, yelled “LOSERS!!!!” and then peeled off. Later she wasn’t sure whether to be embarrassed or proud of herself.

    They’re such a disgusting, disturbing group.

  4. As a Kansan, I’ve encountered them several times. Unfortunately, the most appropriate responses to them aren’t legal.

    Fortunately, they openly proclaim to hate America, otherwise they’d probably have a much larger following.

    My favorite bumper sticker was a local one that said “Phuck Phelps.”

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