Lurker Wednesday

You know what to do.  Yes, you.


11 thoughts on “Lurker Wednesday

  1. Hi! I’m a lurker, and an adoptive mama to two. Glad to have the chance to be here listening, sometimes humbled, sometimes a wee bit defensive (hey, I’m not like that!), but always interested in hearing everyone’s viewpoints. And usually nodding my head in agreement with you. Thanks!

  2. Well it’s been a while since I commented so I guess I am a lurker. I am trying to expand my mind instead of my waistline so I come here to be provoked to greater thoughtfulness and understanding of the construction of racism in our society. Pink

  3. I don’t know what technically qualifies as lurking but I’ve only commented a few times and read regularly. So there.

    This blog is insightful and on-point, always.

  4. I’m a fairly new lurker. Your blog has become a mainstay for me–very powerful information that I can’t wait to share with my spouse. And I LOVE your categories. Thank you!

  5. yo
    guess I’m sort of a lurker, I’ve posted a few comments though… does posting here qualify me for any sort of prize?

  6. *waves at lurkers*

    We have occasional giveaways for our readers, as well as prizes awarded to frequent commenters. You can see the past two award winners in the comments here.

    Unfortunately they haven’t received anything yet. But the status alone is worth a billion.

  7. Hi, I’m a mostly-lurker who has been trying in the past year or so to greatly increase my knowledge and activism in anti-racism. I’m a white, Midwestern US, 40 year old, queer mom straddling the divide between blue and white collar.

  8. I’ve commented already so I don’t know if that really makes me a lurker.
    A father of four, including two special needs boys* from China. Racism and discrimination based on factors other than race are issues I am trying to deal with. The recent link from Brian Stuy’s blog brought me here, but the extra vitriol keeps bringing me back! ;-)

    (*talk about being a minority!)

  9. I’ve commented a few times but am more active on a couple other anti-racism blogs. I follow your syndicated LJ feed (and recommend it to others). I’m particularly interested in the adoption-related things you post, as I know very little about the subject and your viewpoint/comments are often enlightening.

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