And because I am a bad person

Click the link to find out my nefarious ways.

I bought a giant ($8) bag of assorted Halloween candies and picked out all the ones I like.  Yes I did.  Why aren’t grapeheads easily available anyway?

Rugrats who come to my house will get Red Hots and other undesirable sweets.

4 thoughts on “And because I am a bad person

  1. Where I live I *NEVER* get trick-or-treaters. But I always buy a giant bag of peanut-butter cups (my favorite) “just in case.”

  2. yo i want some candy now…
    watch for those sales in nov when they gotta push all the candy they have left. haha

  3. Red Hots? *passes them over*

    I went to look for Easter candy after the holiday. There was almost nothing. A couple of the stores said they cut back on what they stocked because of the recession.

  4. I used to buy bags of Smarties to hand out for Trick-or-Treat because I hate Smarties – a guarantee that I’d still have my candy supply on the 31st. Prior experience is the greatest teacher.

    BTW, last year I gave the kids a choice of picking from the candy bowl or one of those little 1 oz goody-bag size cans of Play Doh. Much to my surprise, the Play Doh ran out long before the candy did.

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