Shakesville in the news!

So there’s some movie that’s been advertising on Chicago buses with slogans like “Blind girls can’t see you coming” and “Deaf girls can’t hear you coming.” The CTA is now yanking the ads. Here’s Shakesville’s take on this:

… I would also hope your office would consider that many women who have survived sexual assault are dependent on public transportation to get to and from jobs, school, the grocery store, etc. They don’t have an alternative option if they prefer not to be greeted by rape jokes on the side of their bus.

Surely you and your staff are aware that public transportation is itself a prime location for groping, frottage, and other sexual assaults, which makes the CTA’s decision to run these ads bitterly ironic, and profoundly hostile toward the women who have been victimized in this way.

Melissa was quoted in this news story:

“Clearly, [the ad about deaf girls] makes light of attacks on women (no less disabled women), and I cannot believe that’s something considered appropriate messaging on the side of city property,” blogger Melissa McEwan wrote.

Sometimes this kind of stuff just needs to be said. And said again. Thanks to people who don’t forget.


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