*Insert twilight zone noises here*

Apparently there is a white person like me in the alternative universe, which I happen to cross in and out of at times. Because I saw somebody driving my same make, model, color and year of car, with the same Obama magnets on the back in the same locations. Only difference is that mine aren’t in English.

There’s also a white guy who lives near me who owns an identical winter coat. I walked past him once and said, “Hey, nice coat!” It pissed him off something terrible. Since then I’ve seen him a number of times. He really looks mad, too.

5 thoughts on “*Insert twilight zone noises here*

  1. haha… I’m wondering, if a white guy came up to me and said, “hey, nice coat!” I might be a little annoyed too. I dunno, sounds a little sarcastic.

  2. oh you were wearing the same coat at the same time? I misunderstood, I thought you meant you had it but for some reason I didn’t think you were wearing them at the same time. In that case I suppose that’s not really any reason to get upset.

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